Evan Scussel, CFA, CAIA

Posted on August 18, 2014

AndCo By AndCo

Evan is the Head of Equity Investments at AndCo. Evan serves client needs by conducting investment manager due diligence within most areas of the domestic equity space.

Evan has over 15 years of investment experience covering many areas of investment oversight and due diligence, including fund accounting, 401(k) plan management, record keeping, competitive analysis, manager selection, and investment consulting. Prior to joining AndCo, Evan was a Senior Associate with Mercer Investment Consulting, based in Chicago. At Mercer, Evan researched both U.S and International equity and fixed income strategies and at various times held the titles of US Head of Core Equity and Global Head of Convertible and Municipal Bonds. Evan held previous positions at Aeltus Investment Management, Aetna Financial Services, Cigna Retirement, Prudential Retirement, and Securities, Software and Consulting (SS&C).