Mike Bostler

  • Bachelor of Science, Elmhurst College

Mike is a Senior Consultant at AndCo and works with Taft-Hartley Plans, Health Care Funds, Eleemosynary Funds, Foundation, Endowments, Public Funds, and Association Operating/Working Capital Plans primarily in the Midwest and Washington DC areas.  Mike has been successful working with clients to develop custom solutions to simplify their fiduciary responsibilities, including; asset allocation, investment policy review and development, investment manager portfolio structure including monitoring, evaluating and replacement, alternative investment analysis, negotiating investment fees, and analysis of plan costs.

His experience in the consulting industry began in 1985 when he managed one of the first databases to style-code equity and fixed income investment managers.  The process included using qualitative and quantitative analysis of investment manager returns compared to their stated process to determine which strategy the managers actually followed.  This training was very integral to helping Mike develop a unique understanding of investment manager returns.  During his career Mike gained valuable experience understanding the role of risk and ways to manage risk by trading Financial Futures at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to hedge Pension Fund risk exposure.