Sara Searle

  • Bachelor of Arts, International/Intercultural Studies, Fordham University

Sara serves as Deputy Chief Compliance Officer at AndCo.  She works with Executive Director/Interim CCO Bryan Bakardjiev in supporting all facets of associated regulatory compliance, including the maintenance and execution of the compliance program, providing regulatory guidance to staff and spearheading new compliance initiatives.

Sara has over 10 years of experience in the industry.  Prior to joining AndCo, she was chief compliance officer at Triloma Financial Group where she was responsible for enhancing and overseeing the broker-dealer’s entire compliance program, while simultaneously supporting Triloma’s proprietary energy funds as its investment adviser’s deputy chief compliance officer.  She has held various other compliance positions, including several years as Senior Compliance Associate with New York-based global asset manager Halcyon Capital Management.  Sara began her career as a paralegal with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.